here's what the fans are saying:

"Blues, psychedelic, and funk may seem like an unlikely combination of genres, but through their work, The Cuckoos have bought them together to create a unique sound that is impressive by anyone’s standards. “New Sunrise” provides listeners with the ideal psychedelic delight, while others such as “A Little Bit Funky” serve up an addicting blend of jazz and funk.

The Cuckoos are a band you’ll want to keep your eye on in 2017."

- AmplifyMUSICOnline


"Voted #1 psychedelic band to see live"

-classic rock magazine (pink floyd issue)


"voted #1 emerging psychedelic band of 2015 (readers poll)

-deli magazine austin


"The psych-rock group from Texas (composed of Kenneth Frost, Dave North, Eric Ross, and Cole Koenning) is undeniably raising the bar in the modern rock scene, as their work possesses a level of innovation and skill that is largely unparalleled by most musicians today. Despite having just formed in 2014, The Cuckoos have cultivated such an advanced and intricate sound that one would easily assume that they’re veteran rockers without knowing otherwise...

...Something that makes The Cuckoos stand apart from the rest is their impeccable ability to master and utilize multiple different styles of music, resulting in the ultimate auditory nexus for anyone who not only appreciates rock, but the work of genuinely talented musicians."

                                                                                                                                                  - AmplifyMusicONline


"morrison is still dead, but you might doubt it a little after hearing this spectaculalry psychedelic garage rocker. austin's (the) cuckoos are a power trio of hip young dudes who mine the late 60's acid rock scene for inspiration, but sound so authentic you'll think you're having a flashback."

-classic rock magazine - september issue and cd